Welcome to episode eleven of the Glimmer of Genius podcast!

Your hosts are YouTuber Luke Vincent, Level 2 Judge Grant David, and professional cardboard peddler Simon Wright.

With GP Birmingham on the horizon we talk all about Modern! Affinity, Spirits, Blood Moon and more. Plus a spicy brew to Bludgeon your opponents with... 

2:00 - Grant plays Rakdos Aggro
8:00 - Simon plays constructed! (And takes no prisoners with Mono B Zombies)
14:04 - Affinity in Modern
20:10 - An overview of the Modern meta and how to attack it
24:14 - Modern Bant Spirits
29:53 - We play the Flavour Text Game!
39:18 - Bludgeon Brawl in Modern
48:40 - Even pros punt...
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