Welcome to episode four of the Glimmer of Genius podcast!

We go over the smorgasbord of decks that did battle last weekend at the SCG open in Atlanta.

We also discuss Amonkhet limited and the recent Bannings. 

Your hosts are YouTuber Luke Vincent, Level 2 Judge Grant David, and professional cardboard peddler Simon Wright.


0.54 - Amonkhet Limited

17.16 - Banned & Restricted Update discussion

23.58 - SCG Atlanta Top 8

25.19 - Top 8 Mono Black

27.04 - Top 8 Boros Humans

29.57 - Top 8 BG Delirium

37.32 - It starts raining and Simon has to bring the washing in so Grant and I go on a tangent about Living End in Modern

41.11 - Top 16 UR Thermo Alchemist

43.41 - Top 16 Temur Aetherworks

45.23 - UR Emerge


Complete SCG Atlanta deck breakdown:



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